Unbranded Holokit AR / MR Viewers

Unbranded Holokit AR / MR Viewers
We provide wholesale pricing on cardboard AR / MR units. This is for AR what Google Cardboard did for VR!
This unit is fully HoloKit compatible and delivers an unbelievable augmented reality / mixed reality experience that guaranteed to amaze your audience. 
With just the use of a smartphone and the AR / MR viewer, you can project and view highly detailed, animated virtual objects on top of the real world as if they were really right in front of you. 
You can walk around observing the virtual assets from different angles using a first-person perspective and they will behave as if they were really there!
Each AR headset is constructed from high-quality e-Flute grade cardboard for superb durability.
  • Completely unbranded and available in Kraft brown
  • Supports many Android and iPhone devices up to 6" in screen size
  • Supports many MR and AR apps including the free Holokit app which includes ready to view virtual objects
  • Fully pre-assembled for easy usage
  • Provides an impressive 76-degree diagonal field of view
  • Free shipping in Canada on all orders