Custom Branded Google Cardboard

Custom Branded Google Cardboard -  - 1

We offer the highest-quality custom branded, promotional VR viewers available in Canada. We provide full-colour printing in glossy and matte styles.

These are the perfect product to compliment your next promotional campaign and provide repeat brand exposure through multiple uses. 

Our cardboard VR glasses are based on Google’s "The New Cardboard", unveiled at Google I/0 2015 (Version 2).

V2 introduces a huge amount of improvements including a super responsive conductive foam button replacing the wonky magnet switch of version 1. V2 also comes pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box, eliminating the assembly headaches version 1 users have been cringing about! 

Each VR headset is constructed from high-quality e-Flute grade cardboard for superb durability. 

  • Works with Androids and iPhones 4-6" in screen size.
  • Supports dozens of VR apps including Youtube, Vrse, Cardboard and more!
  • Pre-assembled, and securely packs away in a protective sleeve.
  • Includes high-quality velcro head straps
  • Asymmetrical biconvex lenses.  37mm in Diameter with 45mm Focal Length

Please Contact Us for a quote. We usually respond within 4 hours or sooner. You can also check out our Custom Viewer FAQ.