Branded Google Cardboard VR FAQ

We offer custom Google Cardboard VR viewers tailored to your brand.

Whether it's part of a promotional campaign, or you just want some unique company swag, we can help make it happen. 

Get in touch below to get a quote.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you show me an example of a custom printed Cardboard viewer?

Yup, check out our product page.

We have many more samples which we can share with you directly. Just contact us.

2. Where can I custom print on the viewer? 

On both the case and the viewer itself. See below for examples:

Custom V2

Printing Areas

Branded Mailer



3. Do you offer custom stickers or screen-printing with limited branding?

We strive to provide the best branding experience and take no shortcuts! We offer fully branded viewers in full-colour. Screen-printing and branded stickers just don't cut it!

But if you're really in a pinch for time, or need lower quantities, you can order our unbranded viewers and place some of your own branded stickers on them or get a custom stamp made. 

4. Is there a minimum quantity order?

For custom work, the short answer is yes, 500 units.

The longer answer is that our process for custom work provides the best cost per unit at volumes of 500 units or greater. When factoring in the setup, smaller volumes aren't as economical.

However, we could do as few as 300 units at a slightly higher unit cost for first time orders.

If you need much fewer viewers, an alternative we often suggest is our Unbranded Viewers which are available in volumes as low as 100 units.

5. What is your process for custom work?

You simply place your artwork on our custom template and we then send you a sample for your approval.

If you're happy with your sample, you place your order and we start mass production.

6. When will I receive my custom sample?

Around 10-12 days after artwork approval. 

7. When will I receive my full order of custom viewers?

Around 3 to 4 weeks after sample/artwork approval. 

8. I don't have time for a sample, can I just place my full order immediately?

Yes, you can. We will still send you a digital proof for your approval. We will also do our best to inspect the first few units produced to spot any unexpected printing anomalies prior to producing the full batch.

That said, a custom sample can be a great option if you want to potentially tweak your design once you see it live or if you're pitching a client and need a prototype.

9. What is the unit cost for custom branded viewers?

Contact us via the form below with your requirements for a quote, and we will do our best to work with your budget. Of course, larger volume orders provide the lowest per unit cost. We strive to get back to people the same day and usually within 4 hours! 

10. How much is shipping and how long does it take?

For most orders, we offer free shipping in Canada! 

Shipping times vary based on the order quantity, type of product, and destination.  Here are our average shipping times per product type for 1000 units as an example:

Product Expected Arrival*
Unbranded Order 4-5 Business days
Custom Viewer Sample 10-12 Business days
Custom Viewer Order 15-18 Business days

*Denote production/shipping times from order approval

11. I need these in a hurry. Do you offer rush production and delivery?

Short answer, yes. For custom work, we can usually shave 3-5 days off production and delivery times in a pinch, but anything more is harder to guarantee. Contact us ASAP if you have a looming deadline.

12. Do you ship to the U.S?

We do, and it works pretty much the same way. 

13. What is Google Cardboard?

Designed by Google, Cardboard is the simplest and most affordable way to experience virtual reality content using the smartphone you already own. By simply inserting your phone into the viewer and downloading from dozens of available specially created VR apps from your App Store or Play store, you'll be experiencing VR without the shelling out hundreds of dollars for other VR viewers. 

14. How do I use my Cardboard Viewer? 

Glad you asked. Check out our 2 minute tutorial.

15. Do I have to assemble my viewer?

Our V2 viewers come fully pre-assembled as per Google's design and our pop-up viewers assemble in seconds.

16. Will it work with my phone?

Our viewers work with Android devices and iPhones 4-6" in screen size and support dozens of VR apps including Youtube, Vrse, Cardboard and more!

17. I'm having trouble scanning the QR code during setup

This should not happen but check out our blog post for an instant fix.

 18. Do you offer double-sided printing, Varnish/UV treatment, PMS colour matching,
       or other special printing options?

Yes. We accommodate a variety of custom design requests and encourage you to reach out to see if we can do what you're thinking!

 19. Can you send me a sample?

Of course. We can make you a fully custom sample from your own design or send you a sample from a previous customer job. Just get in touch with us.

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