6 Ways VR Can Improve Your Brand Strategy

November 20, 2017 Kevin F

As attention spans continue to shrink with regards to content consumption today, more brands than ever before are looking to the potential of Virtual Reality (VR). People are logging onto social media, perusing Google, and checking their app notifications on the go, which means 4-page articles just aren’t packing the same punch anymore. People are busy and want some entertainment when they decide to unplug from work and waste time on digital platforms. It’s this very sentiment that his given rise to VR.

If you want to capture the growing base of consumers who are clicking on video posts more frequently than any other kind of content today, you’re going to need to integrate some kind of VR strategy for improving your branding.

Here are 6 ways VR will improve the solidification of your brand:

  1. Video Enhancement:
    There’s watching video, and then there’s experiencing video. VR transports viewers from the “outside” into the middle of your story, making them feel like they are in the same room as the action. This kind of closeness instills an emotional feeling between the consumer and your brand. 
  1. Branded Avatar:
    The rise of VR means two-dimensional logos aren’t going to cut it anymore. Make an avatar that represents your brand, and bring it to life in your VR experiences. Consumers will come to associate your avatar with your marketing, and actually feel like they know its personality by the end of the day.
  1. Office Tours:
    People want to know the personalities and teams behind the anonymous digital content they see today. Even though everything is becoming more digitized, humans want to interact with other humans. Provide consumers with VR office tours that add a layer of transparency to your brand.
  1. VR Hangout App:
    Facebook quietly released an app this year just for VR. You can talk to your friends in VR with an avatar, as well as interact with brands or private networking rooms with a chatroom feature.
  1. Service Demonstration:
    This is especially relevant for businesses that provide a not-so-typical service. If you find it hard to sum up what you do in quick advertisements or short articles, this is the perfect way to really demonstrate how you can help consumers. In many cases, words aren’t even needed if you articulate the service perfectly in a VR setting.
  1. Total Immersion:
    Lastly, if you’re trying to tell a story about your brand or launch a new marketing campaign, there’s no easier way to do it than through a VR experience. Even the most mundane of brands, like a pencil company, can come up with a far-off story, transporting the viewer into an alternate reality that details the need and importance of the pencil still today. It provides you with total creative VR license.

Get Onboard Now

Pretty soon we’ll be vacationing, working, and even exercising with VR. Now is a perfect time to integrate it into your branding strategy while it’s still in the beginning stages.

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