4 Actually USEFUL VR Apps for Google Cardboard

December 14, 2017 Kevin F

There are literally hundreds of VR apps for the Google Cardboard platform and the truth is a good chunk of them are pretty gimmicky. But every so often we like to highlight a few that stand out because of their real-world utility, uniqueness, or just plain awesomeness!

So here are 4 VR apps you should definitely check out on the Cardboard platform.


Expeditions is a VR teaching app that allows you to take part in immersive virtual trips all over the world (and beyond). You can visit historical sites, outer space, dive in an Atlantic ocean, and even check out the set of the Colbert Report! There are many more voyages you can take with expeditions as the app has over 200 expeditions that you can immerse yourself in.



This one is a must get! Public speaking VR is a free app that provides you with virtual environments and settings to help you get accustomed to speaking in public, interviewing and more. You can decide to animate the audience, add background noises and movements, use your own slides and more. It also grades your performance looking at things like eye contact and filler word usage giving you feedback on how to improve.



Relax VR is an amazing and a wonderful app that is designed to put you in a relaxation mode. It is a paid app that is built with a variety of beautiful serene environments. You can find yourself relaxing in a virtual beach and it will evoke the same emotions as a real beach. Also, you can watch the ripples created by a soft breeze and hear the waves gently lapping on the sea shore using high resolution 360 video and spatial audio.



You probably already use street view on your desktop or mobile phone but the VR version is even better. In addition to getting directions, you can explore some of the most iconic places in the world, immerse yourself in nature and cities, and even check out the insides of various arenas, restaurants, and small businesses.


Leveraging VR for Your Brand

If you're interested in using VR in your next campaign, custom branded Google Cardboard viewers may just be the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get started. 

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