3 of The Best Ways to Leverage Virtual Reality Today

November 17, 2017 Kevin F

Virtual Reality (VR) is creeping its way into just about every industry and profession today. According to Business Insider, the total revenue for VR and Augmented Reality (AR) combined by 2020 will be somewhere around $162 billion.

Today, VR is being used to demonstrate product attributes, features, and functionalities, communicate the brand’s mission at point of sale, immerse users in branded entertainment experiences, help consumers make more informed choices, and the list goes on.

If you’re considering integrated VR today, here are some of the best ways to leverage the technology:

  1. Storytelling:
    Consumers develop interest and loyalty in brands that tell them a story and invoke emotion. VR is one of the easiest ways to whisk consumers away to a far away land that promotes and supports your product or service. Tell your consumers about your brand’s story. With VR, you can tell this story literally, with visuals and experiences all around them.
  1. Product Tests:
    Do consumers need to try out your product, take it for a test drive, or really experience it before they buy it? Then you need to leverage VR in this process. Instead of requiring consumers to take a chance on your brand, establish a VR experience that really helps them to know what they are buying with your company.
  1. Improvement Visualization:
    Are you constantly telling your consumers about how your business will improve a product or process in their life? With VR, you can actually detail the improvement, and really bring it to life for them. Not everyone has a wild imagination, which means a constructed visual for him or her to experience will help move the process along.


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