Google Cardboard QR Code Not Working - The Instant Fix

April 28, 2016 Kevin F

So you just got your snazzy new Google Cardboard viewer and for some crazy reason the QR code just won't seem to work. 

You've tried everything to make it scan in the official Cardboard App and still no luck.

Well one option is to use Google's Viewer Profile Generator.

It seems super easy to use. You just need to know the distortion coefficients and inter-lens distance amongst other precise data. 

You did say you were a PhD scientist right? 

But in case you're not, we've got your back. 

If you're using a version 2 viewer like the ones we provide, then you can simply just scan the QR code below and you'll be good to go. 

 Google Cardboard QR Code

You can also download our PDF version

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